Products for Construction Industry (antimicrobial paints)

Antibacterial and anti-mold building materials

Problem: The sanitization of the buildings is an important matter. The European Community reports in hospitals 10% of treated patients is plagued by nosocomial infections.
The result is longer stays in the hospital, about 10 million days a year in just Europe.
One of the methods that can be used is to employ materials for the building that are active as antibacterial as well as anti-mold.

State of the Art: Today various solutions are available which provide a finished product with incorporated antibacterial agents (subject to release over time). Antibacterial agents generally employed are based on ions of silver, zinc or copper and an organic reagent which is released over time and loses partially or totally its effectiveness.

Solution: if we attach irreversibly antibacterial or anti-mold agents to the constructions materials we obtain a longer-lasting, effective and safe for humans and environment solution.

Crossing is developing a technique for producing innovative antibacterial paints, with a disruptive method than the others available today.
The first target is to obtain an highly efficient product that does not release toxic substances into the buildings by permanently grafting the biocide (of both synthetic and natural origin) to the coating. With the help of ACLs you can obtain such a product (paint, gelcoat, etc.) that does never release the active agents.